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Welcome to the Passerelle Community!

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We are happy that you are here!


Feel free to report bugs, share stories or ideas or anything else related to the Passerelle products and get expert help from the Passerelle Community! Also our customer service is active on this forum, ready to give you instant replies.




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  • A summary of the different changes since versions 2.0 Desk UI ---------- **New features** * One-shot call invitations * invite your customer or your technical contact for a remote support call via sms or e-mail * simply accept the invitation by clicking on the invitation link * Insights * Detailed log of the client actions * Message template repository supporting multiple languages * GDPR/privacy consent form that will pop-up on the app (when starting a call) * Feedback/Net Promotor Score form that will pop-up on the app (when finishing a call) * Reset password template * SMS or email contents for call invitations * Security * Add possibility to enable 2FA authentication ( configurable by role) * Configure password validation rules according to your security policies * Users will be locked upon repetitive failed logins * Audit trail * Integrate with your Single Sign On infrastructure * General * Possibility to disable video recording or picture storage, for strict privacy protection **Enhancements** * Styling enhancements * Aligned Desktop chat with Web App chat * Media library * Added a "public" media concept in the media library (currently media is always private) * Call Invite * Always visible * Add possibility to select language of the invite mail * Add a contact dropdown list to the Call Invite dialog * User Invite * Add possibility to select a role * Insights * Only show history tab if there is history * Added possibility to select a custom period * Security * Reset Password mail can be customized by means of language specific templates * General * Enhanced : Audio enable/disable * Hide login screen when establishing connection through a SMS or e-mail call invite * The default support desktop annotation start mode is now the "red dot" pointer * Theming: Add Reset-to-defaults button **Resolved following Bugs** * Some styling issues * When sending an sms fails, this is not logged to the frontend * When clicking on a video in the session history, the ongoing call is aborted. * A site-admin should not be capable of adding a new site, only a enterprise-admin should * A site admin should only see the call records from his site not from all sites (only enterprise admin should) Web app ------- **New features** * Enhance stability and session recovery with bad network conditions * If enabled, a GDPR form will pop-up when starting a support session * The user will need to accept the GDPR conditions. * If enabled, an NPS (Net Promotor Score) form when finishing a support session * The user will need to accept the GDPR conditions. * Theming is based on desktop theming * Offline photo support * Button to show an authentication QR code * Enable screensharing on devices which support this functionality * Added internationalization (i18n) **Resolved following Bugs** * Video and Picture thumbnail not visible in chat * Opening annotations in Desktop application should not open it automagically on the Web App Android app ---------------- **New features** * Button to show an authentication QR code on phones to be able to login on smart glasses **Improvements** * Add support for adjusting the camera zoom level * Add support for OTA (Over-the-air) update on smart glasses * Add support for scrolling/zooming in PDF on RealWear * Added custom RealWear voice commands to help menu * Updated video viewer * Improved security