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Many years of experience

Office in Ghent, Belgium

Industry 4.0 VR & AR experts

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Easy to use.

Passerelle Remote Support.

Start a session via sms or email

You start a session by sending automatically an URL to the other person via email or sms. No app installation is required. So starting a session can be done in a matter of seconds.

Make real-time annotations

You can focus on elements on the screen by means of annotations. Visual communication, just as if you are really there, to quickly find solutions.

Reporting and statistics

Spend time per session and per contact is easy to consult. This is ideal for customer service or in an after-sales market.

Record sessions and review

You can decide to include your remote support sessions at any time. These form an ideal basis for training and evaluation.

Share files (PDF, videos, ...)

You can easily share images, images, documentation, ... and other files from your device with the other party.

And many more...

SMS invite

Email invite

Red-blue dot pointer

Share files (PDF, ...)

Screen sharing


Make annotations


Record a session

Consult History

Centralized User Management


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