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Many years of experience

Office in Ghent, Belgium

Industry 4.0 VR & AR experts

We think along with you
from business case to
succesful implementation

6 tips from our expert
for drawing up a strong business case


Execute enough research with your team to fully understand the possibilities of our product.


Talk to us. We know our product like the back of our hands, and numerous use cases. We work with you to define the benefits.


Define potential revenue and cost savings you want to realize with our product. 
Work out different scenarios (eg worst, normal and best case).


Estimate the cost of the investment. Calculate the ROI for your organization using the calculator on the right.


Do not just consider the only commercial aspects, but also intangible benefits such as job satisfaction, self-confidence of your employees, better knowledge transfer ...


Include successful business cases from sector peers. We can help you find them.

Pello Múgica Gonzalez

Business Developer at SupportSquare NV

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